home automation

Home Automation

Control your home at the touch of a button, even when you're away. Home automation lets you adjust and schedule changes to lighting, temperature, blinds and your home audio to perfectly match your schedule.

Imagine coming home to the perfect ambience each day. Blinds adjust automatically to take advantage of light and heat, music selected to pump you up or calm you down after a long day, and lighting adjusting to welcome you home.

Not just a convenience, but also a cost savings. Setting and forgetting your blinds and lighting to optimize for light and heat/cooling when you need it can save on heat and electricity bills. Access your home controls from your smartphone and adjust everything just in time for your arrival. Explore the options that home automation installation and infrastructure has to offer.

W. Hunter Electric designs home systems, installs equipment and sells products for almost any home automation needs! Call us for:

  • Home Theatre and Entertainment Systems
  • Home Theatre Seating
  • Panel, Smartphone or Tablet Central Control
  • Automated Blinds
  • Interior and Exterior Automated Lighting
  • Multi-Room Audio Wiring and Products
  • Consultation, Design and Installation for New Builds & Renovations

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